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Multifunctional 16 channel transceiver for time code transmission


The BETSO TCX transceiver is a 433 MHz ISM band-operated 16-channel time code transceiver, which is easily switchable from receiving to transmitting mode. Its body is made from anodized,

CNC-milled aluminium alloy, which ensures the high durability of the TCX device. The top quality RF circuitry offers long-range performance and very long battery life.

Rock solid aluminium case

Removable 433 MHz antena

Easy settings of RX / TX function, low battery indication

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Main features

TCX all frame rates

Supports all SMPTE Time Code Frame Rates

The BETSO TCX multifunctional 16-channel transceiver supports all existing frame rates in the range of 23.976 fps - 30 fps (both drop frame, and non-drop frame formats).

Additionally it can handle up to two times the sped up time code, so that the real time code frame rate capability is 23.976 fps - 60 fps (both for DF and NDF formats).

Input time code format is recognized automatically.

Standard and BETSO PACKET Wireless Protocols Implemented

Standard time code signal transmission mode allows the configuration of two multifunctional 16-channel transceivers (BETSO TCX) for a single time code signal transmission. This set of multifunctional 16-channel transceivers is possible to use with any other wired or wireless device processing SMPTE time code signal. This standard allows operation of the BETSO TCXS at a distance up to 350 m in the conditions of direct visibility.

The standard BETSO PACKET was developed to significantly reduce transmission failure in interfering radio environments. This standard allows transmission of the TC signal to the wireless BETSO WTCS slate and to operate at a distance of up to 450 m from the transmitter of the TC signal in conditions of direct visibility.

16 Channels in Frequency Band 433.15 - 434.65 MHz

The multi-channel topology of the TCX device offers the possibility of operating up to 16 independent time code wireless networks at once in the same place. The benefit of multiple channel options is the possibility of switching to free channels, if the one currently used is being interfered with by noise or other electronic devices.

On one channel, at any given moment, it can operate one TCX set to time code transmitter mode, an unlimited number of TCXs set to time code receiver mode or an unlimited number of WTCS time code slates. Channels can be chosen when the battery door is opened by using the mini screwdriver tool which is included.


Top Build Quality

Thanks to precise CNC milling manufacturing technology, anodized aluminium alloy material and original hi-quality connectors and components, the TCX is very durable but still a very versatile time code unit.



The operating time of the TCX time code transceiver is up to 35 hours in time code transmission mode off one AA battery or accumulator.

Additionally, a smart power saving feature during SMPTE time code paused mode or during inactive time code input was implemented, which can increase battery life up to 8 times when this mode is activated during the TCX operation.

Low battery indication feature is indicated by continuously shining red LED diode and will self-activate when battery levels are low.


Technical specifications

TCX state indication LEDs 1x blue (time code activity), 1x multicolor (red - transmitter mode, green - receiver mode)
Dimensions (h x w x d) 89 x 55 x 24 mm
Weight approx. 154g (including battery)
Mechanical construction CNC milled, anodized aluminium alloy
Powering 1x AA battery (alkaline or lithium) / 1x accu (NiMH, NiCd)
External powering 3 - 18 V DC
Current consumption 6 - 65 mA *
Battery life Up to 35 hours **
SMPTE TC formats 23,976 fps - 30 fps including DF and NDF (also 2x multiples: 23,976 fps - 60 fps supported)
Output TC amplitude +6dBu
Input TC sensitivity 0.2 - 10 V (p-p)
Frequency range 433,15 - 434,65 MHz
Number of channels 16 (0 - F)
RF output power 1mW (1dBm)
Channel bandwidth 100 kHz
Frequency deviation 20 kHz

* depends on the operating mode

** in active transmit / receive mode, depends on the quality of alkaline battery or NiMH


User manual
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