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BETSO ELECTRONICS s.r.o. is a manufacturer and distributor of professional products for the film and video industry. Since 2009, BETSO ELECTRONICS s.r.o. has engaged in top quality product development from the mechanical, functional, and design point of view and continues to expand its range of products.

During new product development, our company’s top priority is securing the co-operation of the end users. Thanks to professionals such as them we are able to develop new products that will meet even the most demanding of requirements. During the manufacturing process the highest quality materials and manufacturing technologies are used to ensure end-user satisfaction as well as the long life of your BETSO products.

BETSO’s main goal is to provide top quality service of our products whether during or after warranty period. To this end, we have carefully adapted the distribution chain in order to satisfy our customers.

In the future, BETSO ELECTRONICS Ltd. will continue to develop new professional products for the film and video industry.


The BETSO Team

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