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Unique Lemo 3pin - Jack 1/8 inch adaptor


The BETSO Lemo-Jack Adaptor is a unique solution for connecting microphones with miniature LEMO 3pin connectors (for Sennheiser SK50, SK250, Wisycom etc. systems)

to standard 1/8" jack inputs. Enjoy connecting your mics to Sennheiser EW G3 (G1/G2 also supported), Audio Ltd. En2, etc. wireless systems.

Original LEMO 3pin connector

Jack 1/8 inch

Lockable connectors

Nickel plated contacts


Technical specifications

Input Miniature LEMO 3pin
Output Lockable 1/8" stereo jack
Dimensions (height x diameter) 42.7 x 10 mm (1.68" x 0.39")
Weight approx. 9g (0.32 oz)