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GPS calibration module for SBOX-1N


Well-known crystal aging and reflow process nominal frequency displacements are no problem for BETSO time code products thanks to the possibility of software calibration.

GPS-1 module allows for the calibration of internal TCXO for time code related products for accuracy better than 0.1 ppm (typically 0.02 ppm).

Original LEMO connector

Precise and robust mechanical contruction

TCXO calibration

GPS calibration

Ultra-highly Accurate TCXO Calibration

The reason why TCXO calibration makes sense is its nominal frequency displacement after reflow process, when typically 2 ppm degradation of TCXO can be accumulated. In BETSO products, this sideways effect can be easily overcome by using the very easy GPS time base calibration.

After the calibration procedure, which is done during the manufacturing process for each related time code unit, TCXO performance is calibrated not only to meet its nominal values before reflow, but also to ensure that even better results (up to 0.02 ppm of time code accuracy) are reached.

In the field, TCXO calibration takes place due to TCXO aging parameters, which cause possible TCXO nominal frequency displacement along the age of each product. The typical value of this parameter is ± 1 ppm / year as a maximum value where usually less catastrophic factors apply. So TCXO calibration makes sense after each couple of years of product usage.

UTC time code generation

Global syncing

Worldwide sync to UTC time code

Thanks to the BETSO GPS-1 module, you are able to sync any number of BETSO time code generator devices anywhere in the world to the exact same UTC time code.

UTC time code is time code on any selected frame rate which is second aligned to world UTC - Coordinated Universal Time.


Technical specifications

Dimensions (h x w x d) 42 x 42 x 17 mm
Weight approx. 54g
Mechanic construction CNC milled, anodized aluminium alloy
Powering External powering from connected BETSO time code device
TCXO calibration accuracy Better than 0.1 ppm (typically 0.02 ppm)